This Site was Designed to Bring the Awareness of the VICTIMIZATION of Muslim Sisters By Abul Hasan Malik al-Akdar and Other Leaders of the Salafi Community. Muslim Sisters are Taking Their Matters to Masjids and are Being Ignored. The Masjids are Protecting the Corrupt Imaams


This letter was sent to Salafee Masjids in Canada, Trinidad and Great Britain. This letter was sent to Salafee Masjids inside the US, but outside the state of PA.  Locally people know about Abul Hasan Malik’s actions towards Muslim sisters.  Abul Hasan Malik’s actions towards Muslim sisters are condoned.

June 30th, 2011

I ask Allah(swt) to forgive me for my sins.  If this was the improper way to handle this, or I used a term incorrectly or said something I should not have said, I ask Allah(swt) to please forgive me


Asalaamu Alaikum,



Abul Hasan Maalik al-Akdar is a transgressor. He committed grotesque, vile, and deceitful actions towards me. He seeks out and preys on sisters who are new to the community and do not know a lot of Muslims.  Maalik was able to trick and deceive me, because I was unaware of whom Hasan Maalik actually is.  I had never seen or met Hasan Maalik.  I want to make it clear just in case there is any confusion on what Abul Hasan Maalik al-Akdar I’m referring to; it is the Imam at Masjid Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhaab located at 1032 Spruce Street in Camden, NJ 08103.  


August 2008, I started attending Masjid Nabawiyyah on Sundays. September 2008, I put in an application for marriage.  Shortly after putting in my application I received a call from Hasan Maalik.  Maalik told me he got my number off the marriage application.  HASAN MAALIK TOLD ME HIS NAME WAS HUSAINE. Hasan Maalik PRETENDED to be someone else.  Hasan told me he completed his undergraduate studies at a college in Brooklyn, New York and was working on his masters at NY or Columbia University.  He said he was an editor and he translated Muslim books.  He said he wasn’t married and he had only one child a son. Hasan told me he suffered from celiac disease.  Also Hasan Maalik suffers from diabetes, but at the time we met his diabetes was controlled with diet and exercise. Hasan was not on insulin.  Hasan told me he had lived overseas for 4 years.  Which, I found out was a lie. I don’t remember which country he said he lived in.  


When Hasan initially called he pretended as if it was for the purpose of marriage, but early on in our meeting marriage was out of the question. The first day I spoke with Hasan Maalik he asked me questions about sex, the excuse given was he is trying to get to know me for marriage.  Although marriage was out of the question we proceeded to be haram friends. All while we are having this haram friendship Hasan is pretending to be HUSAINE.  He is pretending to be Husaine the single college student that’s an editor and working on his master, while residing in New York.


One form of our communication was email.  Hasan went by the username  Hasan told me he picked the username Kidtwist, because that’s what He called himself as a kid.  Hasan told me as a kid he liked to spray paint and Kidtwist was his spray paint name.  One day I told Hasan I would cook for him. He emailed me the web address to access celiac recipes.  Celiac disease is a rare disease, not that common at all.  Hasan emailed the website because he has to eat a special diet.  I still have those emails from 2008 I sent Hasan.  In one of my emails you can see Hasan replying with celiac disease information. This is proof I starting communicating with someone back in 2008 and that someone such as Hasan sent me information on celiac disease via internet.     


Hasan Maalik is a overzealous sex crazed imp. Through instant messages Hasan would send websites that consisted of porn.  Hasan would go on these sites and watch the free trailers.  Hasan enjoyed watching porn with women receiving electric socks while bondage and tied up.  Hasan told me the kinkiest thing he had done was gave a woman the electric shock treatment. Hasan would instant message me websites that consisted of costumes and toys for the bedroom. I still have the emails of the costumes. Hasan has a strong fetish for porn, sex toys and extremely high heels.  One time Hasan sent me a vulgar poem describing a man frustrated because he can’t perform sexually, I still have this email as well. Hasan also told me that in his past he had orgies.  Because of the amount of orgies Hasan has had his friends would tease him and say he has the sex of a pro athlete, so he said.  Hasan told me he was able to have those types of sexual encounters with women because his college roommate made porn. Hasan told me that at one time he has had 3 or 4 women in the bed with him.  Hasan is a sexual deviant.  Hasan told me that he believed he slept with over 200 women.  He told me years ago he would sleep with aunts, sisters, and cousins of the women he had previously dated. He also told me that he had changed and slowed up and he is no longer sleeping with woman in that manner anymore.  These are the perversions Hasan tries to push on sisters and these are the perversions Hasan tried to push on me. Hasan is a very lewd man and this is our Imam.  Hasan is a threat to sisters and that is the only reason I am exposing these horrific and graphic details.  This needs to be taken serious.  Exposing this smut doesn’t bring me any pleasure at all, but I got to fight for the dean and the sisters. Hasan is a transgressor and he transgresses upon Muslim sisters.


I have emails that show I started communicating with someone that has celiac disease back in September of 2008.  The emails are currently in my account in chronological order according to the day they were sent out. These emails were not created with an application, these emails are legit.  These emails can prove I continued to communicate with this same person from September 2008 up until November 2010.  I have emails that prove that this same person with the username Kidtwist2301 sent me a vulgar poem. I have emails that show I requested information on the religion to a user by the name of Kidtwist2301.  I have emails showing I would seek the advice of Kidtwist.  I also have emails that prove back in November of 2010 I was unaware that Husaine was actually Hasan an Imam.  If these emails that started back in 2008  between Hasan and I is not enough to identify or link Hasan as being Kidtwist, I don’t know what to say. These emails should be enough to prove I was communicating with a celiac disease suffer such as Hasan and later became aware that this person I was communicating with was an Imam.  These emails should be enough to prove I was duped by Hasan.  These emails should be enough to prove I was preyed on, violated, tricked and deceived by Hasan. These trail of emails from September of 2008 until November of 2010 should be enough proof.   The fact that I received an email that included information on celiac disease alone should be enough information to indentify Hasan as the sender.  Celiac disease is rare and Hasan has it. These emails are enough to prove Hasan takes on other Identities. 



Hasan never promised me marriage and currently people are slandering my name and stating I am a woman scorn and that’s why I am accusing him of violating me. Also they are saying I was pregnant with Hasan’s child and unwilling or refusing to do a DNA test.  I was never pregnant by Hasan.  I had a haram friendship with Hasan under the impression he was Husaine. 


It wasn’t until November 2010 I found out Husaine was actually Hasan Maalik.  From September 2008 to November 2010 I was under the impression Hasan Maalik was Husaine. In November 2010 I had a need to see the Imam.  I walked in the Imam’s office and I see who I know to be  Husaine, but it’s actually the Imam Abul Hasan Maalik al-Akdar. 


Hasan Maalik  is calculative, manipulative, wicked and evil.  He has no fear. He lacks the guidance to be an Imam.  Please protect us sisters from Hasan Maalik he has an aversion for respecting Muslim sisters.

Please, I beg you to please stand up protect the dean.  Please stop Hasan from preying on sisters and using the dean as his decoy.  Please remove this standard of Imamship that is condoned and accepted starting with Hasan Maalik.  We can’t let Hasan Maalik be our spiritual leader. Hasan has a total disrespect and disregard for his position as an Imam.   


We all fall into sin, but preying on sisters; taking on other identities, pushing your fondness for porn onto sisters is SICK! Only a sick person could do those things without any fear or remorse. This is why I had to come forward.  How can we have someone like Hasan lurking around the sisters?   This situation should not be taken lightly. We are not talking about his usually promising a sister marriage, but after sexual relations he tells them he is relocating or marriage is not feasible.  We are talking about an Imam taking on another Identity, deceiving, tricking and violating a sister he knows is alone.  Hasan knew I was new to the community and had no relatives in PA.  This is sick I had to come forward while Allah provided me with the strength. 


When I saw Hasan at the masjid he never apologized.  When I spoke to him after my visit, which was to follow up on my request; Hasan still did not apologize. I sent him two emails to the Kidtwist email address, which is the same address Hasan had used since September of 2008. Hasan did not respond to my emails at all.  I still have those two emails as well.  My emails can prove I have communicated with someone that suffers from celiac disease such as Hasan.  Also my emails can prove that this communication went on from Sept 2008 until November 2010 using the Kidtwist email address. I am not lying about any of this and Allah is my witness.  I have been informed that there are sources of proof that can prove Hasan is a liar and you should believe me over him.  Not once did Hasan show me any empathy or remorse.  Unfortunately, Hasan is teaching us the dean and influencing our brothers. HASAN WAS TOTALLY UNSYMPATHETIC.  THIS IS A VERY VERY SAD STATE FOR MUSLIMS TO BE IN, UNBELIEVABLE.

When I found out what Hasan had done to me, I just couldn’t understand how another Muslim could do something like to a Muslim.  I just couldn’t understand why the love I have for Allah didn’t prevent him from doing that. There was no money, property, assets, nothing to gain but violating and humiliated a Muslim sister.  I suffered in silence for months, I struggled hard trying to understand it.  I blamed for myself before I wanted to put the blame on another Muslim.  Initially I was unwilling to accept another Muslim did this to me.  I blamed myself for many months.  I told myself this happen because I went off Sunnah. This was a punishment from Allah.  I took responsibility for Hasan’s actions towards me.  I just couldn’t make sense of this. I live in this state alone I am supposed to be able go to the Muslims.  Don’t get me wrong I am not saying I thought all Muslims are angels, but I just would have never thought I would be preyed on by an Imam.  I went into hiding and staying away from the community I wasn’t sure about who was who, or who knew what.  There were other Muslims that knew Hasan did this to me and never told me they knew, until I had found out for myself.  I brought books and cd’s and dhikr to bring me out of that mind state and that doubt. I listen to cd’s on hardships and Muslims being united. For guidance I turned to Islamic books for comfort and to help me get a better understand of my situation. If my faith was weak I would have left the religion.


When I met Hasan I notice that he was very arrogant.  I couldn’t figure out why this man had this level of arrogance.  Nothing about him that I knew would cause a man to be so arrogant.  So, I just assumed it was because he was an editor and attended an Ivy League college.  After my visit to the masjid that’s when I was able to figure it out.  His level of arrogance stemmed from him being, Abul Hasan Maalik al-Akdar, the Imam that everyone praises and says good things about. HASAN FEELS HE IS INDISPENSABLE TO THE DEAN.   I don’t understand why any Imam that values their position as an Imam would commit the atrocity Hasan committed towards me. I don’t know why any dean other than the shatan would want a liar and deceiver such as Hasan to be their representative.    






Hasan’s behavior is not acceptable behavior of an Imam. Hasan is trotting around the world or country promoting the fight against transgressing, when he is a transgressor.  This is a joke, audhubillah.  Here it is we have a transgressor saying one should not transgress. This is a mockery! No wonder the city of Philadelphia is referred to as Fitna-delphia and when other Muslims in different regions speak of Philly; the refer to Philly as being a place where the Muslims have more problems than Muslims in other areas.  Philly will continue to be Fitna-delphia as long as we have deviant Imams.  How can our condition change when we have Imams like Hasan teaching our brothers it’s ok to have a lot of knowledge and not implement your knowledge in your day to day lives? Please do something about these Imams that speak Arabic eloquently, and has the Quran and Sunnahs remembered but possess the character of a Mushkarin.  Hasan’s atrocities on sisters are well known in the community and it is well known that Hasan gets away with them.  I am begging the community to please investigate these atrocities that Hasan is getting away with.  Please create a safe haven so sister can come and reveal infractions placed on them.  If Hasan is removed than his cronies will see that the Salafi community is serious about the actions of their Imams and speakers and this will be the first step in changing the condition of the Muslims in the area.  The removal of Hasan will definitely send the message that transgressions upon Muslim sisters will no longer be tolerated along with bad character. My sources told me that there are actually 82 counts of infractions committed by Hasan that he has actually gotten away with. 


The type of atrocities I am referring to is not the type when a woman and man come together with the woman knowing she isn’t going to be married.  These atrocities are the type were Muslim sistes are being promised marriage and let go after sexual relations.  Hasan and his cronies are manipulating and taking advantage of Muslim sisters.  They are hiding their identities and presenting their selves as men of good character.  This is what is going on, audhubillah. I have created letters and told you Muslim sister are being transgressed upon.  I told you in the manner it is done and I told you who their leader is, Hasan.  I told you we need to make a safe haven for Muslim sisters to come forward to report transgressions by Hasan and whoever else speaking against transgressions and transgressing their selves on Muslim sisters.  This safe haven will allow other victims of Hasan and others to come forward as well. There should be a panel set up to investigate this matter not from Masjid As-Sunnah An-Nabawiyyah. There should be a voice box or email address where sisters can leave their contact information.  There should be community meetings held advising brothers to stop these and other transgressions against their sisters.  These transgressions should be placed in the news letter warning brothers to stop oppressing and victimizing Muslim sisters.  These details of the transgressions should be explicit for as what they should stop doing.


There should be private meetings held for the Imams and speakers.  The Imams and speakers should be held at a higher accountability for these transgressions.  The Imams and speakers should be sanction for promising sisters marriage, manipulating sisters, and violating sisters.  Why they are only punished if adultery is proven?  It’s wrong for them to violate Muslim sisters period. Why is there a need to prove adultery in order for an Imam or speaker to be held accountable for manipulating, violating, and taking advantage of sisters.  The act of manipulating and violating a lone should be a reason for them to be sanction.    

This is the only way we can put a stop to these deviants from using the dean to protect their transgressions on sisters.  Hold them accountable for their actions.  Hold these Imams and speakers accountable when sisters are saying they are being promised marriage, duped, tricked, violated and preyed on.  Stop requiring proof of adultery as the only charges they can face.  If a panel finds a sister story believable and creditable and the brothers actions were transgressions, find him liable and hold him accountable. 


 All I can say now is I told you, I told you and I tried to reach out to sisters myself, but was derailed. If the manipulation, trickery, deception, anarchy, hidden identities, and hypocrisy that leads up to adultery is not worth investigating, I don’t know what to say, Audiballha.  The dean is being used to protect their adultery.  These imps are infiltrating our dean and using the requirement of 4 witnesses to be their continuation. This is why we have to investigate these infractions on the surface level.  We have to start with the manipulation, trickery, deception and hidden Identities. How are we going to catch them with 4 witnesses? They know what they are doing and they know once accused all they have to say is, WHERE IS YOUR WITNESSES.  They know, they know, these people are wicked and evil; this is why there needs to be sanctions for Imams and speakers for disrespecting their Muslim sisters.  Some of them have no fear; therefore they have no problem with lying.


InshaAllah, if the vile Imams and speakers are removed from their positions it would be a better community.  The Salafi community would grow and be much larger and progressive than it is today.  The local Muslims will stop being turned off of Salafi dawah because they know  some of the speakers and Imams are totally different from what they preach.  Please remove these imps from our dean.  They don’t love dean they only use the dean to ravish through Muslim sisters, notoriety, and to hide their bad character.  I know not all our Salafi Imams and speakers are deviants, but we still need help with the removal with the ones that are deviants. 


Transgressions on sisters is the Great Schism.  The community would be much larger and vast if we didn’t have known transgressors such as Hasan speaking about the dean. Hasan Defames The Dean. Hansan commits transgressions against his Muslim sisters. Hasan and others run people away from the dean. Who wants to sit and listen to a transgressor?  How can we say we are on the HAQQ, when we allow Imams and speakers to treat Muslim sisters badly?  What truth is in an Imam that violates his sisters?  This is a mockery of the Salafi religion.


If I didn’t love the dean and Allah did not embed the strength and courage within me, I would not expose myself in this manner.  I would have continued to hide in shame, took no action and relied on Allah to handle Hasan.   My coming forth was not some well thought out plan, but to  not come forward would be me allowing the dean to be poisoned. I never had any intentions on telling the community Hasan is a fraud.  It’s unbearable to know Muslims are taking the dean from someone with such low and vile character.  Only Allah knows what is in his heart, but what is wrong with him?  How can he have all this knowledge of the dean, and actually teach the dean and be such a perpetrator.  How can someone do this as fearlessly as Hasan has done?  What is he telling himself?  With all that he knows how can he have such a disconnect from respecting his Muslim sisters?  I understand that once Allah misguides us no one can save us. Could this actually be the case for Hasan?  It’s sad that this is the state and the condition of us Muslims.  Why isn’t that Hasan doesn’t want more from the religion other than notoriety and ravish through women.  Why doesn’t he want the true essence of the religion, the peace, balance and the guidance? 


 On Sunday June 19, 2011 I reported Hasan’s transgressions against me to  brother A. Brother  A introduced himself as one the brothers in charge of running Masjid As-Sunnah An-Nabawiyyah.  During the week no one from Masjid As-Sunnah An-Nabawiyyah called to follow up with me. The week of June 20th, 2011 I called the masjid twice.  On June 21, 2011, I left a voice message letting the masjid know I received a total of 15 calls from numbers I should not have received calls from. Also, I left the numbers on the voice mail of the masjid.  June 22, 2011 I called and left additional contact information.  Not one time did I receive a returned phone call from the masjid.  June 26, 2011 I was informed by Brother B from  Masjid As-Sunnah An-Nabawiyyah, I should leave this matter alone and focus on my religion. He also said, I should not expose myself because it would hinder me and getting a good husband.  I told Brother B no one can stop me from having what Allah wants me to have.  We gave each other salaams and got off the phone.  Why should I be concerned or worried about marrying a brother from masjids that know there is an Imam that’s transgressing on Muslim sisters? Why should I be worried about brothers that sit in lecture after lecture hearing over and over again; what a transgressor is and how it is his responsibility to fight against it?  This is a mockery of the Salafi religion.  When I initially spoke with brother B and Brother A I felt they were impartial in the matter, but I don’t like the fact I was never formally given a chance to come in the masjid and tell my story and present my emails and identify Hasan as the sender.  My complaint involved me going outside of the hotel on the side of the building and brother A jotting down my short synopsis.  I really feel blown off by the masjid. 


I risk my safety to protect the dean and sisters.  Already I am receiving threatening phone calls. But yet we have brothers that will not stick up for the sisters.  They are cowards, for this dean you are supposed to die.  This is why I am coming to the entire Salafi community from the US, Cananda, Trinidad, and Great Britain to ask for your help.  I am alone in this, please help me.  Please protect the dean and the sisters and me.  I ask AGAIN PLEASE HELP.  I am not just a Muslim; I am a practicing Muslim that takes this dean serious.  But I do fall short.   All year round I fast.  I fast on Mondays, Thursday and 13th, 14th, and 15th of the month.  I try to make my fahjr and Isha in the masjid and this includes the winter months.  I make salaat upto 13 times a day.  I dhikr. I say the statement that would get me into Jennah if I would die that day and I do this morning and night.  At night I say Al-karshi. I carry Allah’s name on me everywhere I go. I try to read 12 pages to a chapter of the Quran each day.  I give saudacah  to Masjids and eat meats only Allah’s name was pronounced on.  I know that this is not a lot but I am a striving Muslim.  This dean is not a joke to me.  I take this dean serious.  Please take me serious. Please help your Muslim sisters. 


Sunday June 19, 2011, I attended a conference with the intentions of quietly handing out letters to the sisters and return home.  The letters were handed out to sisters with the intent to seek out other victims of Hasan Maalik’s transgressions.  I wanted sisters to come together as a group and go before the administration.   This way I knew I would have a greater force in getting these violations against the sister taken seriously.  My intent to gain witnesses was derailed.  My flyers were gathered up by sisters and given to the administration.  I became angered by the sisters actions and felt they themselves were more concerned with protecting Hasan Maalik, instead of the dean and the sisters.  I lost my temper and I became angered.  I am a person that practice having balance in their life.  My abruptness that took place is nowhere near a true reflection of my day to day character. I am quiet and reserved. 

I knew once I went before the administration I would be asked where are my witnesses.  But I was stopped in my attempt to gain witnesses and get sisters to come forward.  Please don’t allow these transgressions to continue, put a stop to this, and protect us sisters from Hasan Maalik.  I attached a copy of the letter I tried to hand out at the conference.  Please reach out to the ullamah, let them know that sisters are being transgressed upon by Hasan Maalik.  Let them know he is a known transgressor and nothing is being done about it.  

Also, I ask if each and every recipient of this email to please respond. I can be reached at  and

As of Jan. 30 2013, the phone service provider is going out of business and this will no longer be a working number ph# 201-535-3933.

Lecture after lecture we are reminded to stay away from transgressors. Now, I ask the Salafi Community are we really against transgressors or does it depend on who’s doing the transgressing.

Each and every one of you who received this letter is accountable for this dean.  All of you are obligated to protect this dean and your sisters.  All of you are obligated to fight against transgressors.  All of you are responsible.