This Site was Designed to Bring the Awareness of the VICTIMIZATION of Muslim Sisters By Abul Hasan Malik al-Akdar and Other Leaders of the Salafi Community. Muslim Sisters are Taking Their Matters to Masjids and are Being Ignored. The Masjids are Protecting the Corrupt Imaams


This is a person you want to set as an example for the Muslim, someone that causes harm to Muslims? You know waaaaaaaay more about him than I do and want to put him before the Muslim. He is a known hypocrite, fraud and violator and victimizer of Muslim sisters and that’s the example you set for the Muslim.  That’s the example you set for Muslim brothers that grew up without fathers.  You put him before fatherless Muslim brothers and tell them he is a man.  You put him before fatherless Muslim brothers that don’t have a clue what it is to be a man.  Putting him before fatherless Muslim brothers you are teaching them that a man does not have to be a man, he doesn’t have to be of his word, he doesn’t have to grow up, it is ok to be less than a man, less than a Muslim and have no sincerity to dean, and victimize and violate your Muslim sisters.  You’re telling the brothers that you don’t have to guard and protect the Muslimah, instead you can manipulate, demean, debase and desecrate your Muslim sister.  But what you are really doing is weakening the community. Hasan is not a good example of a striving Muslim. The things that Hasan does to women one can only be called less than a man and a Muslim.