This Site was Designed to Bring the Awareness of the VICTIMIZATION of Muslim Sisters By Abul Hasan Malik al-Akdar and Other Leaders of the Salafi Community. Muslim Sisters are Taking Their Matters to Masjids and are Being Ignored. The Masjids are Protecting the Corrupt Imaams


Hasan indulges in a lot of things that a Muslim should not be into. Hasan is a bad influence for the brothers and the sisters.  From Hasan one would learn that urine porn exists.  So if you are a person that never knew there was a thing as urine porn, Hasan will introduce you to the video.  From Hasan one would learn that there are robotic or mechanical sex machines that the females go before. Hasan will teach you that people are aroused by electric shock treatment, if you never knew this existed.  Hasan tries and succeeds in inducting Muslims in his world of sex.  Hasan will provide a Muslim with websites that consist of all types of bedrooms toys, costumes and porn. Let a Muslim go to a borders bookstore and Hasan will take that Muslim straight to the book of Karma Sutra. The first day he calls a Muslim sister he will start talking about sex and the reason given will be he is getting to know you for marriage.  If you are like myself and others and unaware of electric shock treatments, robotic sex machines, urine porn and the websites these things exist on; brother Hasan will show you the way. Hasan introduces Muslims to his world of sex. Below is a listing of things Hasan brings to the Muslim:

  • urine porn,

  • bondage porn,

  • electric shock treatments,

  • robotic sex machines,

  • websites these things exist on,

  • Book of Karma Sutra,

  • muzzles with holes in center piece of the mouth,

  • adult swings,

  • bedroom costumes,

  • reenact perversions seen in porn,



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Verily, the HYPOCRITES seek to deceive ALLAH, but it is He Who deceives them.  And when they stand up for As-Salat (the prayer), they stand with laziness and to be SEEN OF MEN, and they do not  REMEMBER ALLAH but LITTLE.