This Site was Designed to Bring the Awareness of the VICTIMIZATION of Muslim Sisters By Abul Hasan Malik al-Akdar and Other Leaders of the Salafi Community. Muslim Sisters are Taking Their Matters to Masjids and are Being Ignored. The Masjids are Protecting the Corrupt Imaams

The Hizbi Partisans Are Slandering


The victim is being slandered.  People are saying she is a woman scorned and disappointed because Hasan promised her marriage and didn’t marry her.  People are saying the victim was pregnant by Hasan but was unwilling or refusing to do a DNA test.  The victim was never pregnant by Hasan and Hasan never promised her marriage.  These are the lies created to provide Abul Hasan Malik with a defense against his accuser. The Hizbeeah wants others to believe she is a woman scorned and not a victim standing up for the dean and the sisters.  The Hizbeeah wants others to believe she is not fighting in ALLAH’S CAUSE.  The Hizbeeah doesn’t want you to believe a sister is actually fighting against the debauchery, satanic order and sex punsy scheme that Muslim sisters are subject to lead by Abul Hasan Malik al-Akdar.  The Hizbeeah want to blind you to the exposure of Abul Hasan Malik al-Akdar disrespect and disregard for his position as an Imaam and the desecration of Muslim sisters. Muslims if you want a better condition for the Muslim we have to fight this satanic order that’s intertwined in our dean.  We have to fight these sex Da’ees that have Quran and Sunnahs memorized, but possessed by a character of a Muskarin.