This Site was Designed to Bring the Awareness of the VICTIMIZATION of Muslim Sisters By Abul Hasan Malik al-Akdar and Other Leaders of the Salafi Community. Muslim Sisters are Taking Their Matters to Masjids and are Being Ignored. The Masjids are Protecting the Corrupt Imaams


Muslims we have to come together and combat this munkar that is intertwined and hiding behind Islam.  We have to oppose the EXPLOITATION OF OUR MUSLIM SISTERS AND these corrupt Imaams from TEACHING OUR BROTHERS that manhood is found in transgressing UPON THE CREATION and BREAKING THE RULES OF ALLAH(swt) and HIDING THE PROOF.

InshaAllah, any sister that has been exploited by any of the Salafi leaders PLEASE COME FORWARD. If we can get five or more sisters to come forward that were exploited by any of the leaders and took their matters to the Masjid administration and was IGNORED; Protect Muslim Sisters will hire an attorney to see if legal action can be brought against theses corrupt masjid administrations. Regardless, if you took your matters to the masjid administration or not still come forward, because the atrocity you suffered could help bring merit to our cause.  Sisters, if you have any old emails that transpired between you the leaders please bring that forward as well. PLEASE DON’T ASSUME you don’t have proof, allow an attorney to make that determination. InshaAllah, check your sent mail in your email account to find out  if you have any emails you responded to that were sent by one of the leaders.  If we are able to build an issue against the masjids and we build a case where sisters were exploited by leaders of the community in two different states then this issue may become a federal matter.  If we can show that sisters were exploited by the leaders and it crossed states’ lines we may be able to develop a federal issue. InshaAllah, if we are able to bring legal action against the corrupt masjid administrations and it is found to be a federal matter as well because states’ lines were crossed; inshaAllah our attorney can request yahoo, gmail, aol, etc. to show the location those emails were sent, opened up and read. Also, sisters it is pertinent that you look for any harassing emails you received after coming forward, or emails that were slanderous, libel, intimidating or  recorded threaten voice message because this could also bring merit to our cause. Plus, the harassing emails, threaten voice messages or slanderous or defamatory emails can help prove that sisters are attacked after coming forward.   We just need five or more sisters and inshaAllah we will hire an attorney to look into the exploitation of Muslim sisters, which is condone by some of the Salafi masjid administrations.

InshaAllah, Muslims we have to stop allowing these masjids to feed us the malarkey of being upon the truth is what you wear, read and what masjid you attend. To be upon the TRUTH -YOU HAVE TO LIVE THE TRUTH.   As long as we are brainwashed to this theory these corrupt masjid administrations will continue to make money off of Imaams and speakers that are harming and TRANGRESSING upon the MUSLIMS and are no where living the TRUTH, except for what he wears, reads and masjid he attends.  When we as Muslims LINK the focus point of TRUTH to the actions of these corrupt Imams and speakers; tainted masjids will no longer be able to put these Imams and speakers with such filthy characters before the Muslims. They will no longer be able to put leaders before us that have Quran and sunnahs memorized, but possess the character of a muskarin.  We will no longer have to take deen from PIMPS, PREDATORS, BABY MAKERS THAT NEGLECT THEIR CHILDREN AND WIFE BEATERS.    INSHA-ALLAH


UK Sisters, we really need you to come forward if you have been exploited by any the Salafi leaders, because we have a connection in the UK where InshaAllah we can make sure that your suffrage is heard. At protect Muslim sisters we are dedicated to bringing the awareness of the victimization that Muslim sisters are subject to. None of US are perfect but WE HAVE TO FORBID THE EVIL AND JOIN THE GOOD.

We have no intentions of simply just making sure you are heard. We are also coming up with ideas and solutions that could possibly cut down on some of this evil that’s condoned by a small few of the Salafi Masjid administrations, but we first have to show that there is a need for these changes in order for change to occur.

INSHA-ALLAH, sisters please come forward and let’s work towards preserving our Muslim sisters and lets’s protect our brother’s from their wicked influences.



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