This Site was Designed to Bring the Awareness of the VICTIMIZATION of Muslim Sisters By Abul Hasan Malik al-Akdar and Other Leaders of the Salafi Community. Muslim Sisters are Taking Their Matters to Masjids and are Being Ignored. The Masjids are Protecting the Corrupt Imaams



I’m voicing up a message from lots of sisters (allegedly).

have been speaking for few months about Abu Hassan Malik and his sex
manic freakish despicable ways. We spoke about his CRONIES marriages and divorces ,chatting sisters
etc…and Allah knows how it was such a blessing to expose these
untrustworthy devious people  disguised in Dawa salafyia callers!

made so many people aware of them and their antics and Al hamduli Allah
I personally got  lots of positive feed back from various sisters in
particular -some of them were victims of those predators- all praise and
thanks to Allah helping us achieving this.

unfortunately, some
sisters complained lot about the fact that why Abu Ussama Athahabi was
not mentioned amongst the other names.To Be honest with you,I felt their
frustrations and in fact there were few sisters victims of Abu Ussama
sexual deviancy and his extra-extra Marital rows!

Some sisters
sent few mails ( I have the copies and the replies from Masjid) to Green
lane Majid and I was saddened to read how Green lane poorly responded
to those sisters!

My Question to Green lane Masjid is the following?

you received so many complaints in particular from women about Abu
Ussama Athahabi why such silence and coldness in dealing with him? Is it
because you ‘re afraid the name of Ahlu Hadith will be blackened ? or
there are other reasons?

We are All behind Ahlu Hadith and we
won’t let anybody tarnish the Jamia or the mosque as we have been doing
for the last 10 years! but enough is enough our sisters are suffering
And we need to change this situation for good. by Allah If this Abu
Ussama was in pakistan he won’t last a day. Does it have to be your own
daughter,sister,mother victim of Abu Ussama so that you do something?
knows the history of Abu Ussama in the USA and how many kids he has
left behind his back. There was a time he was competing with Dawud Adeeb
but his final straw was when he was fired from Mosque with evidences
about his sexual deviancy in the mosque Of German town!

Hassabia Allah Wanima Al wakeel

To be continued….